The Ocean Azores Foundation is one of 5 that exist in the Azores. We aim to invest our resources in selected community projects that will help drive lasting social and environmental change, focusing on the protection of the waters that surround the Azores Islands. This will be achieved through multi-year partnerships and providing funding for organisations that promote marine sustainability and sustainable tourism.

This work will help to increase protections for cetaceans in the region, and ensure their long term survival. The foundation will focus on funding projects that include marine conservation, reduction of plastics, and related ocean education and research.

“We first came to these islands in 2006 to see whales. In 2018 we finally returned, to make Sao Miguel our permanent home.  The aim of our hotel and associated businesses including Baleia Gin, was always to give back and to protect the ocean that surrounds us. The waters of the Azores are the lungs of the islands, they are the cultural history, and they are the future of our survival. Our steps to help protect them, no matter how small, help with the long term survival.” Explains founder and President of The Ocean Azores Foundation, Ali Bullock. 

The Foundation will generate donations from sales of Baleia Gin, created in partnership between the Solar Branco Eco Estate and Lima E Quental. €1 from each bottle sold is donated to the foundation. Additionally, every bar in the Azores that is selected to sell Baleia is asked to make an additional donation of €1 per drink served of Baleia Gin. Donations will also be generated from stays at the Solar Branco Eco Estate, and events hosted on the grounds.