Thank You For The Support.

9 Islands. 1 Ocean.

The Ocean Azores Foundation works to fund ocean based research and conservation projects based on all islands of the Azores. We wouldn’t be here without the following individuals and organisations. We will constantly update this page as we bring more companies on board.

Board Members

The Ocean Azores Foundation would not exist without the passionate people who give their time for free to help run the organisation and platforms. We thank the following companies for their support and input.

senhora da rosa
AF_solarbrancoBLACK_logo_nov20_Prancheta 1
atlanic bikes
black pepper basil

Founding Members

In 2020 an idea was started to create a group of companies linked by their goals on sustainability and sustainable marine tourism for the Azores. What began as a few phone calls to people, many I had not met, turned into the platform that you see today. The following organisations are the founders of this mission, and members of the Ocean Azores platform. We thank them for their support.

azores sub center
picos da adventura
azores experiences
aqua azores
nova atlantis
ocean emotion
our island
seasons challange
atlanic bikes
blue eden
visit azores
Caminhando Azores
CW Azores
sea adventures


The following organisations are voluntary supporters or members of the Ocean Azores platform. No membership fee is solicited to the Ocean Azores Foundation from these companies or brands. We thank them for their support in protecting the ocean surrounding the Azores.